BlockEx takes a comprehensive approach to security. Our security experts have built in a number of sophisticated measures to prevent the theft of money or information. Theft isn’t the only threat of course. It’s also essential that a professional exchange offers financial stability, with full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance.

Described below are just some of our security practices. The list is not complete — you can be assured that our security measures go well beyond what we’re willing to make public.

Security of Funds

  • • Wallet infrastructure is segregated from the main platform
  • • Deposits made directly to cold-storage.
  • • Air-gapped signing procedure.
  • • Multi-signature signing implemented throughout.

Platform Security

  • • All data encrypted in rest and motion
  • • IDS and Web Application Firewalls
  • • DDOS protection
  • • Regular encrypted backups of all systems
  • • Segregation of duties – no one person can affect code changes or implement system changes unchecked.

Financial Security

  • • Full reserves are held for all customers funds both digital and fiat.
  • • We do not facilitate trades on credit, all orders are fully collateralised and funds held on account.
  • • Banking partners fully aware of business.
  • • Segregated client fund accounts, isolated from operational expenditure.
  • • Regular 3rd party audits.


  • • BlockEx Markets operate a full KYC and AML program.
  • • All participants are subject to full KYC, please see our KYC/AML policy for further details.
  • • Strong relationships with regulators globally.
  • • Although the regulation around digital currencies is unclear we operate the platform on the assumption that it will ultimately be regulated.