Compliant ICO, Token Platform & Services
BlockEx Markets is an online open marketplace for buying a variety of asset classes including ICOs. Specifically for ICOs, there will be the ICO Market, a dedicated space for individuals looking to issue ICOs to publish information, and for individuals looking to purchase ICOs to view the published information. Through this product, BlockEx will make marketing of ICOs to a larger buyer base easier and standardised. We will proactively manage the information being published by the issuers so that it is reliable, and information on multiple ICOs is viewable on one centralised platform.

OTC Desk

The BlockEx OTC desk allows companies who have already had their ICOs a way to manage their liquidation in a compliant way, while at the same time maximizing the cash conversion. For companies who are currently running an ICO, and would like to onboard clients who do not have cryptocurrencies, the OTC desk is a great way to allow non crypto users to participate in your ICO.

Secondary Trading

In some cases, BlockEx will list ICOs that have been issued on other platforms. BlockEx will evaluate each application on a case-by-case basis before listing an external ICO.

Token Build

BlockEx Digital Asset Creation Tool is the backbone of all assets originated on the DAxP. Currently BlockEx has the capability to build assets on Ethereum, BigchainDB, Bitcoin and Waves.

End to End Packages

BlockEx has teamed up with several 3rd party suppliers to provide a full turn key solution, from idea to marketing to funding to secondary trading.

Pre ICO Pot System

All ICOs originated and launched on BlockEx will run their pre-ICO activities via the BlockEx Pot System. The pot system is a completely fair way for investors to make sure they are able to buy into a Pre-ICO.

The way a pot system works is if a Pre-ICO is oversubscribed, for example by 10%, all investors will be refunded 10% of their investment, and receive 10% less of what they originally wanted to purchase.

Digital Asset Exchange Token

The BlockEx Digital Asset Exchange token is the gas or fee that is used to complete an investment into a Pre-ICO on BlockEx. If you do not own DAXT, you will not be able to invest in a Pre-ICO on BlockEx.


Tranched Investments

To protect investors, ICOs on BlockEx must include milestone based goals that will trigger the release of investment. Currently this is managed by a 3rd party administrator on behalf of investors, but in Q1 2018 this will be managed by smart contracts and voting rights.